Dashmate DSH-932 Dash Cam with GPS TRACKING

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Product Description

Connected 3G Dual Channel Dash Camera With GPS & WI-FI

The first Connected Dash Camera that documents everything going on in and around your vehicle, all the time, even when parked! Easily monitor your vehicle and its surroundings in real-time and get instant notifications of any event, so that you can know, show and protect what’s important. The DSH-932s built in 3G connection delivers live alerts and live video streaming, because knowledge is power. Monitor your vehicle in real time from any location.

Monitor your vehicle from anywhere, using your smartphone

Live Stream: View and Record the live video feed from both inside and outside your vehicle.

GPS Tracking: Track your vehicle wherever you are with the DSH-932s built in GPS.

2-Way Communication: Use the built in speaker to communicate with whoever is in your vehicle.

Starter SIM Cad Included: Includes Starter Sim Card for 24/7 connection to your smartphone via our DSH-932 App.


Lets you know when your vehicle starys too far. The DSH-932s Geo-fencing setting lets you easily mark an area on the Apps map, if your vehicle leaves this marked area the DSH-932 will send a message to your smartphone notifying that your vehicle has left your set Geo-Fence. This feature is great for setting boundaries for family members and other people sharing your vehicle.

Parkmode Plus

Receive alerts 24/7 via your Smartphone. Get notifications 24/7 via the DSH-932 App to your smartphone using the built in 3G module. In an event or incident where the internal G-Sensor is triggered a notification alarm is sent via the App, using your smartphone you can view the cameras live, activate recording and use the in built speaker to communicate with whoever is in your vehicle, whether they are friendly or an unwanted intruder.

How It Works

1. DUAL CHANNEL Front Facing Full-HD Camera and Internal Cabin Camera. Front camera records the road, whilst the cabin camera records inside the vehicle. ideal for Uber driving & Taxi drivers.

2. SIM CARD Connected to the 3G network, use your smartphone to view live footage from front and rear cameras from anywhere you can get network access.

3. SMARTPHONE APP Via the open App, recieve notification of car movement outside the Geofence or in the event of an accident or incident if the GPS sensor is activated.

4. LIVE VIEW Remotely view live footage from both the internal and external cameras using your smartphone. Communicate via the 2 way radio with anyone inside your vehicle.

*SD Card Not Included*

Please note: SD Card not included – please select either 16GB or 32GB card to see final pricing.

– Full-HD 1080P Resolution Dashmates your trip in full high definition recording all details on the road.

– Remote Connectivity Is your window into your vehicle wherever it is. View whoever is around or inside your vehicle with the DSH-932s live video stream.

– Integrated Cabin Cam View inside your vehicle via live video stream to your smartphone when parked. Activate remote recording if someone else is driving.

– Anti Theft Alarm Watches over your vehicle when it is parked and alerts you via your smartphone if the G-Sensor is triggered.

– Hard Wire Kit Powers the DSH-932 without using your vehicles DC power socket, even when your vehicle is parked.

– 140° FOV The Ultra-Wide angle lens captures more info with every frame from the front dash camera.

– WIFI Connectivity Allows you to connect your smartphone to the DSH-932, giving you the ability to transfer and review your recorded footage.

– Geo-fencing Allows you to easily map a boundary on your smartphone. When your vehicle leaves this boundary the DSH-932 will send a notification to your smartphone.

– GPS Logger Records your vehicles location which can be tracked live via 3G or documented and played back on your smartphone using the Dashmate DSH-932 App.

– G-Sensor Detects when there is an impact to your vehicle and saves the footage so it is not recorded over.


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