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Product Description

*** Bookings Essential ***

The AVS S5 is the flagship AVS car alarm. It is engineered to the highest specifications for the ultimate in Five Star vehicle security.

With advanced intrusion detection from an intelligent glass break sensor and dual stage shock sensor the cabin of the vehicle is well protected. Plus the AVS S5 includes a digital tilt sensor to protect the wheels or to detect if the vehicle is towed (a common way thieves steal cars).

The AVS S5 alarm includes seamless turbo timer integration plus the option to operate the alarm from your car’s factory key. As part of the AVS S-Series range the alarm also includes triple immobilisation and numerous optional programming options to personalise the system to suit you. Courier mode, anti-hijack mode and operating two vehicles from one AVS remote are some of the most popular options.

AVS S5 Features:

Three automatic immobilisers
Intelligent glass break sensor
Intelligent dual stage shock sensor
Data battery back-up siren
On-board turbo timer
Door, bonnet and boot protection
Courier Mode function*
Central locking from the remote*
The alarm will lock/unlock the doors when the alarm is armed/disarmed.
Two rolling code waterproof remotes
(If you are not using your car’s factory key to operate the alarm)
Hyper blue LED warning light
Compatible with all AVS accessories and sensors
Three year warranty
**** Please note – certain vehicles may incur additional charges for parts or labour required to complete installation.
Vehicles 1960-1985 4/5 Hours
Vehicles 1986-2000 3/4 Hours
Vehicles 2001-2014 4/5 Hours

AVS GPS Tracking offers an affordable, effective and easy to use GPS Tracking solution that is ideal for protecting personal use vehicles of all kinds. The biggest single security benefit is that if you have an alarm you’ll get an alert notification as soon as the alarm is triggered. Then you simply log on and see where your vehicle is plus you will be able to track its journey if it is moving.
Choosing an AVS GPS tracker gives you all the advantages of a our GPS system combined with the AVS experience in vehicle security and vehicle operating systems. That means our security and GPS systems work together to help secure your car 24 hours a day.
A $25 monthly subscription is all you need to pay to have 24/7 access.
*** Please note – GPS tracking module has to be ordered 2-3 days in advance to booking ***
Security benefits:
Know the real time location and status of your vehicle 24/7
View from any internet connected device including smart phone, tablet and computer
If the vehicle is moving see what direction it is heading in and how fast plus be able to view recorded journey history
Frequent GPS logs for accurate tracking – you can watch your vehicle as it moves along the roads on the maps without big gaps or jumps
Integrate with your AVS car alarm (or most other alarm brands) and receive an alert to your phone, email or screen if the alarm is triggered
Set up a geo-fence and receive an alert if the vehicle moves outside the boundary (perfect for cars or bikes that are not driven every day)
Optional engine immobilisation via text allows you to safely immobilise the vehicle once it reaches a very low speed.
Monitoring benefits include:
See the live location of the vehicle in either map or satellite view plus use Google street view for more information
Replay trip history on the map including stop points and time spent at each stop. Simply select the date and time range of the journey to view the exact trip you wish to see. This is a quick and easy way to monitor vehicle use with the family car or to review performance on the track or a rally journey.
Receive an alert to your phone, email or screen if the vehicle goes over speed (plus print out an easy to read report of all over speeds during a date range)
Set up a geo-fence and be alerted if the vehicle moves in or out of that area
Monitor any number of inputs including crash warning, ignition on and over speed.


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