The Repair Process :

Hold on to your receipt, this is your Proof of Purchase. Proof of Purchase is required to validate your Warranty. If no proof is provided we may not be able to cover the warranty.

A Deposit of $20 needs to be paid at the time of booking your item in for Assessment. If the fault is covered by the warranty, this will be fixed (if possible) before it is returned to you. If the fault is not covered by the warranty and there is a charge for repair, we will contact you with a quote of the repair cost before any further action is taken. We will contact you once your device is ready. This can take 10-15 working days or longer if parts need to be ordered in.
All second hand / refurbished mobile phones come with one month warranty unless otherwise stated. Ex leased computers / laptops comes with 3 months warranty unless otherwise stated. Warranty applies only on hardware no warranty on software if corrupted because of viruses or negligence of customer or unsafe browsing.

Assessment Fee/Deposit
A $25.00 deposit will be taken at the time of booking a device in for repair.
Your Deposit will be refunded to you if:
  • The device is within the manufacturer warranty period.
  • The fault is covered by the warranty criteria.
Your Deposit will not be refunded if:
  • The device is outside the manufacturer warranty period.
  • The fault is not covered by the warranty criteria.
  • There was no fault found.
The Manufacturer Warranty applies if:
  • The device and its accessories are handled properly for their intended use, in accordance with the operating instructions.
  • The device has failed due to faulty parts within a specified time frame from date of purchase.
The Warranty may not apply and your device may not be repairable if:
  • There is Liquid Damage.
  • There is normal Wear and Tear of the device.
  • The damage has been caused by an accident including (but not limited to): Impact Damage, Power Surge, misuse or neglect.
  • There is evidence of repair or tampering by an un-authorized person.
  • The fault is caused by non-original accessories involving electrical contact.
  • The fault is caused by Corrupted Software (due to full memory, installation of third party software/applications or otherwise).
  • The device has been damaged during rough handling, exposure to harsh environments (including extreme temperatures, leaving in direct sunlight, excessive dust or signs of physical damage).
  • There is visible corrosion evident.
  • The fault occurs outside the warranty period.

What is Liquid Damage?

Liquid Damage refers to any signs of corrosion that may be present in the device on a printed circuit board, component or user interface. In some cases, the liquid damage may not be visible to the naked eye but can be detected with the use of a professional microscope.

Liquid damage causes ?latent damage? to the circuitry. This means that although the device may appear to be operational, there is internal degradation to the circuitry which may result in a failure.
Possible causes of liquid damage may include:
  • Exposure to steam
  • Excessive humidity
  • Rain
  • Immersion in liquid
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Condensation (when moving from a cool or air condi?tioned environment into a warmer, humid environment)
Security/Unlock Codes
If you have set personal/lock codes on your device, please provide this to the sales person who is booking your device in for repair. This will help minimize repair turnaround time.
Repeat Repairs
If your hardware has been in for repairs before, please let the sales person know this at the time of booking it in again.